ceud míle fáilte

a hundred thousand welcomes

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

E is for...


Apples, Autumn crocuses, pumpkin, rose-hips, sycamore leaves, ivy and hay bales.

I started this when I was at art school sixteen years ago. I was way too literal when given the brief 'Autumn' and was duly redirected to a project much more abstract and this free embroidery was packed away barely begun. It was picked up, stitched a bit and put away until I had a part-time job in a card shop, when I was studying a post-graduate music degree, and I had some time to sit and sew properly - it wasn't a very busy shop, needless to say! It was then put away in a box again, stumbled upon anew a month or so ago, and I decided it needed framing and shown-off! Poor neglected thing!

It's basically just a mix of french knot stitch and satin stitch, and you can imagine the sky and clover field took rather an age to finish! I do rather like the basket of apples, though. If anyone can guess what type the apples are supposed to be, you'll get cake. Cyber-cake, but cake, never-the-less!

Thousands upon thousands of french knots!

Well, since Percy has officially been put into service, I've been toying with the idea of making some socks. Yes, socks. I think it's high time I finally put my dpns to good use. I've decided not to be put off by thoughts of impending turning-heeldom and have chosen a pretty cable pattern called 'Brigid'. There's only 11 rows done so far, and although this fact alone is usually enough to get my camera out, I've decided not to take any photos until said heel is turned... I can't risk the wrath of the fabled Heel Faeries by exposing too soon...

Oh, and as an addendum to my *slightly* obscure tale about the facebook game called 'Knighthood' a couple of posts ago, I can give you the end of the story. (For me, anyway.) I deleted the game. Yes, I know, after all my "studies of human nature" etc etc... But really, the truth is I was shamefully dire at it, and could only go on for so long without being beaten to an e-pulp. I have my pride! (Which wasn't enough to stop me running when I could!!)

But now I can concentrate on the fair Lady Brigid! Hand me my trusty cable needle, good sir...

Update: I forgot to actually post this after writing it, so keen was I to fiddle with Brigid, as it were, so I thought seeing as I hadn't offended the Heel Faeries too much after all (give or take an extra 'ventilation' hole), I'd pop a wee photo on here.

Row 40!

I think I'm turning into a Sock Whore. And I'm sure there's a better name for it than that!


  1. Klozter said...
    Look at that SOCK! You're so awesome and boy are you in trouble, the sock bug does not let go once it's bit. I think a possibly politer term could be "Sock Enthusiast."
    Anonymous said...
    "Sock Enthusiast" is definitely more polite, but there are times when I feel, at least for myself, that "Sock Whore" is much more appropriate. I can justify buying sock yarn anytime!
    Your sock looks great! And I admire those French knots. I can't figure them out to save my life!

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