ceud míle fáilte

a hundred thousand welcomes

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Moving Day!

Indeed - I've moved my blog over to The Wronicles of RedScot, which still has the same web address as before:  http://redscot.blogspot.com/   You'll notice this blog now has the address: rredscot.blogspot.com! - complicated? Well, yes and no! I wanted to keep the address of redscot.blogspot, so I had to jiggle things around a bit - give this blog a different address and assign the real address to the new blog.  The content is the same, however, should you wishes incline towards a walk down A wee bit o' this an' that's memory lane!

The poll (and thank you all for taking part with either comments, voting or personal messages) was very interesting. I apologise for ending it early, but I got rather too involved with the potential changes and went ahead with what you see below! The main change you'll notice is that black is GONE!  Au revoir, noir!  The readability question was the main issue noted, so the new blog has the main postings on a *gasp* white background. I've kept my favourite colours, just distributed them differently! I hope you like it!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Well, it is that time of year...  Why, I ask, do your annual house-cleaning ritual in Spring when it's already getting too warm for lugging furniture and upholstery around, when you can do it in Autumn, and then you don't mind so much working up a sweat and you keep warm in the cooling days into the bargain?  Okay, so I've posed that as rather a rhetorical question... 

I have to concede that my main reason for my cleaning stint has been to find a new place for my ever-growing stash, which was enhanced by this little lot yesterday:

Angels and Elephants! wheeeeeeeee

I know you'll be shocked to see that I have grabbed a few more skeins from the A & E dye-pots in Cornwall.  Man.  I really MUST MUST MUST stay away from eBay until I can actually afford such beauty, instead of mortgaging my soul to the devil for the same ends...

Here we have 'Plum Crumble' (
purple, pink and olive), 'Raspberry Ripple' (pink, purple and blue), 'Candy Floss' (pink, lavender, turquoise and blue) and at the back 'Pentillie' (pale pink, lavender and green). 

Aha! But I forget!  Sock yarn doesn't count as stash, does it?  Heh!


Gratuitous yarn shots

So to continue the Autumn cleaning angle, I am thinking about changing the layout of this blog and
here, my friends, is where YOU come in!

You may have noticed the addition of :: GASP :: a poll at the top...  If you have the inclination I'd love you to help me decide what to do...  But before I say anything, I'm intending to keep the 3 columns, as that is one thing I do rather like!

Option 1 (to be known as Why change? It's bloody marvellous as it is!)
    is to keep it as it is - colours and layout. 

Option 2 (to be known as 'I'd like to be able to read this wonderful blog properly')
    is to keep the same format but go with lighter colours.

Option 3 (to be known as 'Shoogle it aboot a bit - why not?')
    is to keep the same colours but arrange the columns starting from the left as BLOG POSTS, then 2 thinner columns

Option 4 (to be know as 'A change is as good as a rest')
    is to change to lighter colours and arrange the columns from the left as BLOG POSTS, then 2 thinner ones.

(Lighter colours will be versions of the ones already on the blog. Purples, greens and greys...)

I seriously can't make up my mind!  After polling, (presumptuous? Me?) and if you have the time and inclination, please feel free to post any comments about little tweaks that you think this page needs or, you know... anything - even just a hello!!  I'm open to all hints, tricks and categorical slap-downs!

Well, almost!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

R is for...


The Wrong Socks

I've been wracking my brain for topics to write about for this abc-along post... wrangling with a few ideas and wringing my hands when they had to be written-off, to wretched disillusionment...


So, I decided upon 'Resemblance' as I've just finished 2 items of the  family knitting, genus sock... subcategory SSS...

Firstly is the finished 'Crooked Cable Sock' by Sockbug. It's very cute in the Phildar 'Phil Luxe' yarn in the Nympheas colourway! 

Then we have the first 'Monkey Sock', by Cookie A. Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon - surely hundreds of knitters can't be wrong?  And, no, they're not! This is such a fun pattern to knit up... (actually the Crooked Cable pattern is a lovely knit, too...)

The wool is the hand dyed Shetland sock wool in 'Damson Delight' by my fave 'Angels & Elephants' team in Cornwall! Man, I love their yarn!

Well, I guess I'd better resume work on the replication of this, um... raiment...? Okay, that's stretching things just a wee bit!  Heh!

p.s. Thank you for all your lovely comments on the treasure chest! I'm VERY chuffed to tell you that the recipient loved it! Huzzah!  I might try and post a pattern for it in the near future...


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