ceud míle fáilte

a hundred thousand welcomes

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Moving Day!

Indeed - I've moved my blog over to The Wronicles of RedScot, which still has the same web address as before:  http://redscot.blogspot.com/   You'll notice this blog now has the address: rredscot.blogspot.com! - complicated? Well, yes and no! I wanted to keep the address of redscot.blogspot, so I had to jiggle things around a bit - give this blog a different address and assign the real address to the new blog.  The content is the same, however, should you wishes incline towards a walk down A wee bit o' this an' that's memory lane!

The poll (and thank you all for taking part with either comments, voting or personal messages) was very interesting. I apologise for ending it early, but I got rather too involved with the potential changes and went ahead with what you see below! The main change you'll notice is that black is GONE!  Au revoir, noir!  The readability question was the main issue noted, so the new blog has the main postings on a *gasp* white background. I've kept my favourite colours, just distributed them differently! I hope you like it!


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