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Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Joy of Sox

I have to admit that my friend T the YarnDiva speaks the truth when she says sock-knitting is like crack addiction. I have four pairs on the go at the moment, and am trying very hard not start another two... but the yarn is whispering sweet evil in my ears. "Come try me, feel me, knit me..." Y down in Grenoble is also completely right - I guess it's what happens when you invest in multiple sets of needles! I am feeding my own addiction! A self-enabler, if you will!

Here are two finished socks. Both have their partners on the needles, so am potentially avoiding SSS AGAIN! Go me!

Giles Wavy Sock and Zombie Sock. Clash City!

I was especially chuffed with the Zombie Sock, as it introduced me to the Joy of Garter-Stitch-Edge Gusseting. Look - NO LADDERS!! Oh yeah!!

Next, may I present the beginnings of a cable sock that I'm attempting to improvise... Well, it's a simple sock design that came with the yarn and I'm adding a celtic cable on the front, 'cos I loves me my cables...

Trekking/cable sock

Then there is the slightly jinxed*, woe-begotten cuff that's been hanging around looking forlorn for a week or so... it was intended to be a Zombie Sock, but alas, alack, the yarn I chose was ever so slightly unsuitable... (That thing about choosing the right yarn/gauge/needles for the job... yep, seems to be *quite* important...!) But it looked so pretty that I didn't want to frog it completely, so, after choosing a few patterns that were *ahem* again frogged down to the cuff due to... um... a difference of design/skill opinion, I decided on a pretty leafy pattern and I'll see how it goes... I loves me my Harmony Guide stitch dictionaries, too! (*Ed. At time of press sock has been tinked twice more, but I'm refusing to give up...)

Dr Who Leaf Socks (On its 7th incarnation)

Talking about dictionaries, I've just invested in a couple of pattern books... Well, 'tis a similar genre...

Birthday Books. Bags. Bags. Bags. SOCKS. Crochet? *gasp*!

Oh, okay, I admit that 'couple' is not quite the adjective, but I thank my brother big-time for sending me Amazon vouchers for my birthday, as I also loves me my books... I did get a couple of non-yarnie books - the latest novel by Joanne Harris called 'The Lollipop Shoes' and another great book by David Crystal on the English Language - this one is 'The Fight For English' and as usual, is making good reading! Yep, I loves me my linguistic and etymology studies, as well.

Oh, and to finish upon our title subject, I must just announce that I FINALLY ordered some 'Vintage Socks' from The Tsarina of
Tsocks. I mentioned her magnificent 'Firebird' socks in an earlier post, and although I will have to drool over them from afar until they're available to the general public, I will be utterly content with the Vintage... I suggest looking at her site for general Tsock Tstupendousness...

But don't blame me when you *have* to order something, too!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Oh, my! I love the look of those cabled socks so far!
    I'm fighting the urge to cast on more socks right now too. I have one of a pair finished, but the yarn for my wedding shawl came yesterday, so the poor thing is going to languish for a while. Summer of Socks starts soon. I'm trying to hold off until then!
    Etymology studies, eh? I think that sounds rather interesting. I might have to look into it this summer.
    sloth-knits said...
    Nice socks! I have to get back to my own soon; I got distracted making hats.
    Klozter said...
    Look at YOU! Those cables are gorgeous, I can't wait to see how they turn out.

    My gosh, I created a monster!

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