ceud míle fáilte

a hundred thousand welcomes

Monday, 23 June 2008

M is for...


(Actually, just under, but that doesn't
make such a snappy heading...)

I bought some skeins of wool.*
They were pretty. I was in love.
They were smooshable. I was in heaven.
Then I tried to ball them. I was confused.
They tangled. I was annoyed

Yep, the lot of a newbie skein buyer. What do I do? Obviously, trying to ball straight from the skein was a no-no. Actually, not so obvious at first: I believe there is a tangled mess lurking somewhere in a corner of my apartment, hoping never to be noticed again. I tried using my knees for a holder. Well, it worked, but my back refuses to let me try that method again. So I swallowed my pride and asked for help and received lots of ideas and no 'Hah! n00bie-have-you-not-heard-of-swifts'-like taunts! Yay.

No.1 was to use a lampshade: unscrew the thingy that stops the lampshade from spinning, whang on the skein and Bob's your mother's brother. Sadly I own no large lamp-shaded, um, lamps. (Moral to No.1 - Life is not complete without a lamp-shaded reducer-of-shadows of the large variety.)

No.2 was to use a spinny, spinny chair. I haz a spinny, spinny chair and so rushed off to attempt to gently rest a skein where it would have most spinny, spinny fun and watched, non-plussed, as the skein slipped from its perch and wound itself around the base of the chair. I did, however, manage to ball one skein before the chair decided it didn't want to play anymore... (Moral to No.2 - spinny, spinny chair only good for wheeching** around in a spinny, spinny way while typing at the computer.)

No.3 was to use another pair of hands. Sadly, I am not Lakshmi or Vishnu, nor do I have anyone close at... um, sorry, hand to lend an helping... um, sorry again, hand, so off I trotted once more to find a solution. (Moral to No.3 - Life is not complete without someone else at home. :: sighs :: I bet those Hindu Gods didn't have this problem...)

No.4 was to place the skein around my feet and wind it from there. FEET? That smacks somewhat of excercise :: gasps :: Also, see original problem... (Moral to No.4 - Laziness does not a ball from skein make...)

No.5 was to turn a chair upside-down, wind the skein around the legs and wind in the 'old-fashioned way' and what do you know... a mile of yarn later and I CAN haz ballz of wool!


Tomorrow I am off to buy a swift. Dammit.

* 2 skeins of Angels & Elephants Hand-Dyed Shetland Sock Wool in Damson Delight.
2 skeins of Angels & Elephants Hand-Dyed Shetland Sock Wool in Sea Spray
1 skein of Jennifer's Flock Sock in Pinot
1 skein of Jennifer's Flock Sock in Gold Olive
1 skein of Jennifer's Flock Sock in Summer Green
1 skein of Jennifer's Flock Sock in Copper Pennies
1 skein of Jennifer's Flock Sock in Tomato Leaf

** Wheech - to move through the air, rush, dash with a whizzing sound.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Pretty! I have so been there though. The best gift I ever got from my ex husband was a swift and he didn't get it for me until we were separated. Ha! Enjoy your new toy!
    Susan said...
    My DH made me a swift but before that I had all your problems plus a few more that involved huge knots, crying
    and cursing. I didn't have a lampshade big enough either, I don't know anyone who does.
    Lista said...
    I'm going to try to link you to Eryn's blog...


    We'll see if that actually works. Her husband helped her build a swift out of pvc pipe, and it looks great!
    Cyd said...
    Very nice balls!

    I don't have a swift, either. It would make life easier, wouldn't it?
    Lab Cat said...
    Swifts are great.

    One way to wind a skein without a swift is to put said skein of yarn around your neck and start winding. It helps if you have short hair or very long hair so that you can rest yarn on top of hair. It is easier than any of your other methods except the second pair of hands. I have this wonderful image of Vishnu winding his own yarn.

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