ceud míle fáilte

a hundred thousand welcomes

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

How could I have forgotten to post about my second pair of socks evah?! Shame on me, indeed! I finished the Brigid socks mark two last week.

Looks a tad like there's going to be some Irish dancing going on any second now...

The cables are beginning to look like cables, of all things! (I'm a sucker for all things even remotely Celtic looking!) The hell turn went okay and gets better each time (please, God, it can't get any worse!) but for the life of me I can't figure out the gusset. You've heard of the Stairway to Heaven, well this was the Ladder to HELL (turn)!

L'échelle à l'enfer.
La scala all'inferno.
Die Leiter zu Hölle.
La escalera al infierno.

And not one but 3... For some reason the very first one looks normal. Is it A Question of Tension? A Beginner's Sock Issue? Not-Enough-Coffee Syndrome? And I have to admit that I'm a tad confused about the mix of heel flap and short rows, because when I read forums and books it seems that it's either one or the other. But it's really those 'picking up the slipped stitches at the end of the rows' thing that's getting me. It sounds so simple. 'Pick up the 12/15/97 stitches and knit down, continuing to the middle of the heel flap on needle 62', or some such thing. And I see a chain. It has at least a couple of stitches to choose from and it seems I always manage to get the ones that lead to interesting sockness of the
non-gusseting variety.

Of course, I've artfully arranged the photos to show the LEAST amount of gussety badness as possible, but even I, Master Photographic Bullsh**er that I am, can't hide them there yarny rungs. Especially those on the left sock. Yikes!

But I shall prevail. I shall refrain from despairing and will wait for godet to sink into my conciousness. Maybe starting another pair will help...


  1. Iron Needles said...
    Excellent color! Picking up stitches is my worst part, too. Having only knit a couple of pair myself with very small needles, those stitches are quite tiny to be seen with these middle aged eyes. Having issues with 'ladders' myself, I learned to knit by magic loop, on one circular needle, for socks. That at least reduces the ladders by 50%. (For hats, I don't think it matters as much.)
    Susan said...
    Love the whole blog (came here from the abc along) and I have a suggestion about your socks, which are really nice. If you knit into the back of the stitches when you pick up along the gusset, it twists the stitch and makes it a bit tighter. Might help.

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