ceud míle fáilte

a hundred thousand welcomes

Saturday, 5 April 2008

A sicht mair gleg

Huzzah! The sun has been shining its head off here this past week and the trees have decided it's Spring, BIG time! Much akin to a fireworks display, albeit one in slow motion and available in green only, leaf buds are a-bustin' out all over. I must try and catch the delicious purple magnolia that lurks in a gated courtyard somewhere near here before all the petals drop. I've missed it for the past 3 years running as I've been on tour somewhere else over the flowering period and this year as I think I'm back in time I'm determined to have a damn good gowp! Watch this space...

And I'm feeling much, MUCH better! I've even got my appetite back, almost! (Something that maybe I shouldn't be *quite* so cheery about!) The strange this is that I really couldn't bring myself to pick up the sticks when I was feeling cack, but did make it to the sewing machine.
The things you do when you're ill!
No, seriously, I finally made the needle case/wrap I've been reminding myself to do (and forgetting about) for yonks now... The hum of the sewing machine can be very therapeutic!

Okay, so it may not win any prizes in the Finishing Awards 2008 but it serves its purpose well and looks pretty to boot! Just don't look too closely at the seams! (I've already made cushion covers with the same mock 18th century design fabric - it's gorgeous!) Places for the tiny and cute 16", 32" and 47" rounds (when they arrive - hoorah for eBay!) and straights at the bottom.

Oh, and before I forget, here are a few more (mostly) Lallans (lowland Scots dialect) words that you'll find around here...

Fowk - folk, people
Gleg - alert, sharp, bright
Gowp - stare
Mair - more
Sicht - sight, lot - as in 'a lot brighter'
Staig - stag (as in deer) but also stalk

Sticks have been reintroduced to hands, though, and our Celtic sock Brigid's mate is down to the heel cuff. I still quiver with apprehension at the thought of the hell turn (no, that's NOT a typo) but I can only hope that enough offerings of chocolate at the Shrine of the Heel Deities will ease the pain when it arrives. (The Heel Faeries forsook me last time, so I've changed religion.)

Well, I find that chocolate offerings to myself always seem to help...


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