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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Shameless self-promotion and own-trumpet-blowing

included in this post

I was perusing some online cd shops this afternoon and stumbled across this! I'd almost forgotten about it, but it's out at the end of the month! Well, according to Naxos, it will be! Wahey!

It was recorded over 2 live performances (a cheaper way of getting cds recorded these days) but that's cool as I rather like hearing the odd bit of audience noise. Actually, I have to admit to my own singing not being completely perfect all the way through and unfortunately the recording guy chose a section where I decided to go off on a ridiculous flight of da capo fancy in one of the arias and my GOD, I'm a tad embarrassed! (It was at a point where I thought I'd make it up higher, but I... um... didn't!) *shudders* I suspect I may be ripped to shit by critics, but it was way too much fun to do to worry about that, and I know my Dad'll love it anyway!

Well, I'm officially 36 and 40 hours old now. (I had the indecency to be born at 2:15 in the morning - my poor mother!) It feels a bit weird. I didn't have a problem turning 30, or even 34, but 35, as my mother keeps reminding me, was the age by which she had had all her children. *sigh* And now I'm 36 and lacking in the commodities needed to supply such things as grandchildren for Mum. (But it's on the list - 'kids' - before 'get proper job' and after 'find nice man'.)

But enough of such maudlin thoughts. Knitting-wise I seem to have turned into a serial commencer. I keep starting things then starting more and - oo, look - something shiny...

3 socks: Giles Wavy Sock in purples (down to the heel turn); Trekking/cable socks in blues/purples (finished cuff); Zombie socks in green (totally wrong yarn for the job, but looks so pretty that I don't want to frog it), 2 scarves: Mcfluffy scarf in green, purple and black (nearly finished) and a black and silver (oo, sparkly) cowl scarf. Then there's a purple mix cushion cover that I'm slowly cabling through and finally the black 'Aoife' bolero jacket that has just reached the arm-hole shaping. And yet, I keep thinking about that Noro... I can't decide what to make with it. I've spent much of the time since I received it looking through pattern books and online at our favourite knitting site. I really can't decide at all... But maybe I should finish something... ANYTHING... first.

And I must stop ordering sock yarn. I'm my own worst enemy!


  1. yvette said...
    Congratulations on the CD, I have to admit to knowing absolutely nothing about music :0(
    As for the many wips, that is what happens when you get lots of new needles;0)
    Iron Needles said...
    Ah! Happy birthday to you. We share the month! Mine will be soon, but I've had a few more than you (alas and sigh!).

    I bought another skein of sock yarn last night myself...
    Anonymous said...
    How exciting! I'm going to have to buy one of your recordings so that I can a.) hear it, and b.) tell people that I "know" you! I've never done a real, professional recording before. How cool!
    I understand on the kids thing. I would bet money that I will be pregnant by the end of next summer. (I refuse to be pregnant during the summer's here. Too hot!) My clock has been ticking for a couple of years and it's getting a bit annoying!
    Sock yarn = crack! I think the largest part of my stash is sock yarn. That's why I joined Summer of Socks. I want to knit through my stash so that I can justify buying more!

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